Julien & Alex

When we saw each other for the first time, we did not know yet that we would make music together someday. We did not even know that we would ever meet again. Julien nodded, signed, paid, and left the piano store. After a few meters he turned around, came back to the store and asked if the young piano maker who was studying here played the piano. His question was answered in the affirmative, he went into the workshop and introduced himself to Alex. In a special way, we understood each other directly. The sparkle of our eyes harmonized with our many ideas that just spilled out of us.


‚Timeless music in an endless world.‘


That was what we felt in our first play. A space we entered that did not exist in the real world. A space that we had created ourselves, only through our music. We lost ourselves in it, could let go of everything and become one with the endless distance.

Small melodies became dissonant room sounds quickly, which we brought to life through the simplicity of our two instruments. And like a dancing shadow in the dusk, Julien's voice took over the entire picture, letting time stand still.

With memories of timeless moments in which only the now happened.


That's what shapes our music.